A new day has begun


Welcome to the new home of Bowling Trophy. Same content you’ve come to love (or be mildly amused by on occasion – or mostly ignore), with a BOLD NEW LOOK! I’ve been toying with trying a new theme, and when WordPress released Matala I thought it was perfect. Apparently it’s based on Mexican Talavera pottery, which I wasn’t familiar with. Images will be substantially larger, which is my main reason for going with a new theme.

And with a new look comes a NEW NAME! Unlike “bowling trophy” which was a desperate choice I wasn’t entirely happy with, when I heard the phrase “tawdry swank” on the radio I instantly knew it would be the name of my new blog (see “about” for the source). I will do my best to live up to the promise embodied in the words “Tawdry Swank.”

Bowling Trophy will continue to exist as an archive but I won’t be updating it. All your favorite regular and irregular features – such as the Record Cover of the Week and Thrift Item of the Moment – will be found here.

Thank you and good day.


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