Found Sound Friday No. 5

Every Friday (more or less) I dip into my audio archives to pull out a “found sound” recording – unique, one-off documents, made by amateurs, usually for a very small, select audience of family or friends, on a variety of recording media including record blanks and kids’ “record your own voice” cassettes.

I found this small (6″) unlabeled 45 RPM Voice-O-Graph “voice letter” in the envelope below, sandwiched between two pieces of stiff cardboard. The sound quality is pretty poor, as you’d expect from a record that’s a piece of cardboard coated with a thin layer of plastic or shellac. I EQ’d it a bit to make it more listenable. Seems to be in German. Can anyone translate?

3 thoughts on “Found Sound Friday No. 5

  1. Here you go:

    “My dearest little treasure [a pet name in German like ‘sweetie’],

    What I want to say on the record is that you should know for sure that I love you so. And even when I often don’t have the time to tell you, my child, then I want to say one thing. Papa has to work so much and my thoughts are always with you. Papa loves you. When Papa is making money and not at home, and you are having troubles, then play this record and think again and again about it. Whatever happens, Papa loves you. Papa will never run away. Papa does everything just for you because he loves you so. Even though Papa has so little time because he has to work, you must never forget that your Papa loves you and that your Papa only thinks about you. [weird dialect stuff]
    A really deep little kiss [It sounds weird in English but it’s normal in German, I promise!]

    FYI: The speaker must be from Hamburg or very northern Germany, from his accent.
    Thanks for posting! Find more talking letters, please!

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