Sit yourself down…

and take a load off.

As of Thursday you’ll have another option of where to park your tush in upholstered comfort when you come over for a visit at the ol’ Bachelor Bastion.

That is to say, I bought a couch this weekend. Guess which one and tell me why:


No. 2

No. 3

No. 4

No. 5

No. 6

No. 7

No. 8

No. 9

I’m really looking forward to seeing your guesses. It would also really amuse me if you gave each of these couches a name.


8 thoughts on “Sit yourself down…

  1. I know which one you got so I’m not guessing, but I will do some naming:
    1. Horripilation
    2. Birth of Venus
    3. Blue Micro-Suede Snooze
    4. Tea Cozy
    5. Bachelor’s Delight
    6. Bodily Fluids
    7. Chartreuse Not Puce
    8. Birth of Bed Bugs
    9. Driver’s Side Down

  2. What the heck – what kind of a crazy game is this? The order of the couches has changed, so now the names don’t make sense. So instead of numbers, here are descriptions:
    Horripilation – the blue one with dots
    Birth of Venus – the white one with the vertical upholstered in the back
    Blue Micro-Suede Snooze – the blue chaise lounge
    Tea Cozy – the print with the wood trim back
    Bachelor’s Delight – the modern white one
    Bodily Fluids – the pink two-seater with wood trim
    Chartreuse Not Puce – the modern chartreuse coloured one
    Birth of Bed Bugs – the one with all the cushions
    Driver’s Side Down – the one beside the dumpster

    • sorry, I changed the order because “the sister” gave away the game (I showed her pictures – bad sister!). but i did it before either of your posts, so I don’t know that happened. Love the names!

      • Actually, you didn’t show pictures, but you did verbally describe in great detail. Yes, I’m picky about these things.

  3. I think you bought Number 4. It fits in with your colour scheme and its a funky and comfortable design – two things I think you value. I like most of them as they each have their own charm. I like the chais lounger (No3) as its speaks ‘luxury boudoir to me”!
    Which one did you get?
    Do tell.

  4. I was really concerned thinking that you bought the current #5. I am glad that doesn’t seem to be the case.
    I am going to call the last one “BASEMENT TRAINWRECK” and leave it at that…

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