Buy Michael’s Stuff

My buddy Michael had a “garage” sale in his studio in the Ortona Armoury on the weekend and he’s doing it again this coming weekend.

From his own publicity bumf: “Radios, clocks, clothing, Ray Bans, chalkware, books, records, blankets, and so much more!”

“Fire King, Federal Glass, Pyrex, Eldorado Rena Ware, Hycroft, Medalta”

“Loads of Mid-Century Modern collectibles”

There’s much more than what you see here – he keeps restocking from his vast collection.

I’m happy to shill for Michael for no recompense other than the warm glow of friendship.

Ortona Armoury Arts Building (9722-102 Street) on Saturday & Sunday (Dec. 3 & 4) from 11 to 4.

Be sure to look up to see the x-ray light fixtures on the ceiling.

5 thoughts on “Buy Michael’s Stuff

  1. hello! i am just wondering if you can ask mike if he still has the pyrex items. i am interested to buy them. you can give him my email if necessary. thank you!

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