Wrapping Up Christmas

Shortly after Christmas, Marlena took us to see this elaborately decorated Christmas house in the Queen Alexandra neighbourhood. It was such an impressive sight I took my niece to see it twice (actually, the second time was because I inadvertently deleted the video we  made the first time).

Here are some stills:

click photos to enlarge

I also took my niece to see the house on 95th Street I blogged about a few weeks ago, and Maisie’s Magical Christmas House which I blogged about a few years ago. Here are some shots from this year:

click on photos to enlarge

Nothing beats Maisie’s for sheer excess, however we both liked the house in Allendale best – for homemade ingenuity and cheeky humour.

2 thoughts on “Wrapping Up Christmas

  1. In St. Petersbug, FL (area where I am from) was one of the country’s largest Christmas light displays…complete with Teddy Ruxpins reading from the Bible and the nativity made out of carnival stuffed animals.

    I love Christmas and i love Christmas lights so I secretly wished that house was mine. (well minus the bible quoting)

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