My sister went to New Zealand and all I got was…

Pavlova tea towel.


“The Tiki is a Talisman of New Zealnd & her Maori people. From ancient times it has been regarded as a good luck charm. Tiki are believed to represent the unborn human embryo & have long been considered to symbolize fertility. Traditionally Tiki were hand carved from greenstone and handed down through the ages to be treasured by future generations. Take home your very own Tiki and begin your own cycle of good luck”

…while tossing your salad.

Awesome hei-tiki ice-cube tray.

“You’ve been to New Zealand at the bottom of the world, now experience New Zealand in the bottom of your glass.”

Two bottles of Ti-toki – a wonderful liqueur available only in New Zealand.

Sorry, sorry, sorry

…for the long silence. I’ll be back to blogging shortly.

How do you like the new theme? I got tired of Matala, especially the default border around the images that I had to manually remove each time. Pretty minimal, isn’t it? In my offline life I have “maximalist” tendencies, but online I gravitate to spare, uncluttered design.

This theme (called “Sundance”) is meant to highlight video posts, so I created a “featured video carousel” at the top of the blog – but it was buggy so I removed it (it kept displaying other videos from the blog besides the ones that were embedded in the post. Also, it made the blog really slow to load).

See you soon.