Shirt of Fury!

I found this awesome polyester shirt at Value Village some months ago and bought it for my friend Gary’s birthday which was this weekend. I thought it might be a little small for him, but I figured he’d like it even if it didn’t fit. At the very least, he could probably sell it on Ebay for a lot more than I paid for it.

But it did fit (more or less).

The images are from 70s and 80s kung fu movies, many starring Bruce Lee. I scanned the fabric, and using the magic that is Google Images (you can drag and drop images from your computer into the search window and it will look for a match – genius!), I was able to identify most of the movies:

1. Fist of Fury (not to be confused with Fists of Fury)

2. Also Fist of Fury

3. The Big Boss (aka Fists of Fury)

4. Way of The Dragon

5. The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

6. Shaolin Temple (1982)

7. Men From The Monastery

8. Possibly Executioners from Shaolin

9. Game of Death

10. Snake in The Eagle’s Shadow

11. Blood Brothers (Dynasty of Blood)

12. Mr. Boo (The Private Eyes)

I couldn’t positively identify these three:




Do you know what movies they’re from?

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