Die, Camera Theiving Scum!

Or, how I spent my summer vacation.

I took the train to Vancouver with my friend Marlena and went directly from the Via Rail station to the ferry to Victoria. On board the ferry I guess I set my camera down on a seat to take off my hoodie and walked off without it. A while later I realized I didn’t have my camera, but I couldn’t remember exactly where I was when I set it down. I looked all over and informed the chief steward (or whatever that person is called), but to no avail. Gone, gone, gone. Lost and likely stolen.

I don’t really wish death on the thief – just a pang of conscience that will make them do the right thing and turn it in to BC Ferries. I don’t really hold out much hope, but I’ll be checking this site regularly. I’m most angry at myself for being so careless. I tried losing my camera (and other items) on the train trip several times, but my travel companion was always there to remind me to gather my things. I think I need a personal assistant with me at all times to pick up after me.

Other than that, it was a great vacation.

I don’t have any photographs to show, but I do have a few crappy sketches I did on the train – something we did to amuse ourselves in the dome car. The idea was to do quick sketches of other people without looking down at the page. Here’s some dude in a ball cap (as seen from behind):

Sometimes he faced forward and sometimes he turned his head to the side, so I incorporated both views into the sketch which is what makes it look so “cubist”. The circle thing at the bottom is the latch for the fold-down tray of the seat behind.

Here’s another dude I sketched:

I don’t remember much about him – I think he may have had a bald spot. I think he also moved around a lot while I was trying to draw him.

We also attempted portraits of each other. Here’s the sketch Marlena did of me:

Because Marlena is a real artist, her drawing actually resembles the subject and not a wiener dog. Here’s my drawing of her:

I’d say it looks like Bette Davis in her declining years crossed with a sock puppet. At least it made Marlena snort with laughter.

One of my reasons for this trip was to see Patrick Watson perform at Vancouver’s art deco Vogue Theatre. Neither disappointed (though the Vogue was a little shabbier than I was expecting). I took these pictures last year (click to enlarge):

This Vancouver Sun article has some nice interior photos of the theatre (click on the “photos” tab).

I love me some Patrick Watson (in a manly, non-carnal way), and this was as close as he’s coming to Edmonton on this tour. Here’s a YouTube video from the Vancouver concert:

And here’s an official video from his wonderful new album Adventures In Your Own Backyard. It was shot at a Ukrainian hall in Montreal and the painted backdrop reminds me of the Ukrainian hall “back home” in rural Saskatchewan where there was a cousin or uncle getting married nearly summer of my youth.