Goodbook Hunting

A week ago Saturday I grabbed my old point-and-shoot camera (my new SLR having been lost/stolen) and headed to the newly opened Goodwill store in Old Strathcona. While I’m still choked about the loss of my SLR, the old point-n-shoot is more discreet for stealth jobs like thrift store shoots.

The new Goodwill, at Gateway Blvd. and 78th Ave., is called “GoodBooks” – it has no clothes or housewares , just books, records, cds, dvds and such.

Gotta love those prices.

The records are well displayed. At this point, they’re mostly from the massive CBC record library donation I’ve written about in the past.

I bought one record – not from the CBC library:

Françoise Hardy: Françoise Hardy

which unfortunately I already owned (though with a different cover).

“Arty” sitting area.

Here’s a new use for old tv cabinets.

Oops, took this photo by mistake.

Always good to see a new thrift store open up, especially in the ‘hood.


2 thoughts on “Goodbook Hunting

  1. it is good when a new thrift store opens up – and it is always good to see PHOTOS of a new thrift store opening up.

    sorry about your recent loss, but what once was old is new again and it takes pretty good pics.

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