Get Ready to Rummage!

‘cuz spring rummage sales are here even if spring weather isn’t. My rummage sale season kicked off on Saturday with the Southeast Edmonton Senior’s Association rummage sale – one of my favorites.


click to enlarge

What is that? A hawk attacking a seagull over a fish? I know you’ll be surprised to learn I did not buy this epic painting even though it was more than affordable at $1.


Marlena seems thrilled beyond words to have found this 32 cup coffee maker in its original box. I wonder which of those awesome 70s colours it is.

All I bought was one lousy LP:


and I do mean lousy. I was kinda excited about the sitar and “exotic” percussion on this record but I forgot how soporific Gleason’s music is.

Oh well, the season has just begun.

Record Cover of the Week


Francis Lai: The Bobo

Soundtrack from the 1967 comedy starring Peter Sellers. Why he’s painted blue I have no idea (I bet it involves hijinks). Reminds me of this lady:

Vladimir Tretchikoff: The Chinese Girl

Vladimir Tretchikoff: The Chinese Girl (click to enlarge)

Dear record owners: Don’t store your records where they are prone to water damage. Get them out of those damp basements and garages!