The Culling: The Next Generation

You may recall that several years ago I listened to all 4000+ LPs in my record collection and culled about 700 of them. This year, before moving to my swank executive condo, I had another culling. There was no time to listen to everything – at best I could sample a few records that I was on the fence about. I was swift and ruthless – in three weeks I accomplished what took three years the first time. In the end I culled about 1100 LPs – some of them I sold in my garage sale but most of them went to Goodwill (check them out at the Goodbooks store  in Old Strathcona).

Some records had one or two amusing tracks on them but didn’t merit keeping. I recorded a few of these cuts to share with you here:


Alfred Hause: Popcorn

Gershon Kingsley’s early Moog synthesizer hit (made famous by Hot Butter) is given a tango makeover. The LP also has a tango version of Gordon Lightfoot’s “If You Could Read My Mind”.

Donn Reynolds: Indian Love Call

“King of the Yodellers.” On Arc records (Oops, I neglected to scan the cover).


Red McCoy: Rock and Roll Atom

A rockabilly science lesson. Read about Red McCoy here.

The Versatiles: I’m Coming Home

An original murder song by a trio of blind musicians from Edmonton, Canada. Another record cover I neglected to scan – I think it had a stock shot of mountains.


Nino Baron: Canada

Canada’s centennial year theme song, written by Bobby (“The Pied Piper”) Gimby. Nino loses the plot at around 26 seconds but recovers. From the French liner notes I glean that Nino was from Yugoslavia and his Gulbransen organ was worth $15,000.


Otto Blihovde: Lutefisk

Norwegian-born Wisconsin singer/button accordion player Otto Blihovde was 75 when he made this record. It’s on the Polka City label.