Thrift Item of the Moment: 45 rpm Record Totes

I’ve decided that the best way to store my small collection of 7″ singles is in vintage record totes, like this pretty pink plastic one that I’ve owned for years:


The graphics make it clear that it’s a record tote and not something else like a lunchbox. Up to this point I’ve been using it to hold various rechargers (cameras, phones, batteries), but now I’m returning it to its original purpose.

Once I get my 45s sorted (they’re the last part of the record collection to be culled), I’m going to buy paper sleeves for the ones that don’t have any, then they’re going into handy totes. I figure I’m going to need about a dozen. Yesterday I searched through two large antique malls on Gateway Boulevard but all I found was this:


So check your (parents, grandparents) attics, basements and garage storage spaces to see if you have any you can spare for a poor record collector.

2 thoughts on “Thrift Item of the Moment: 45 rpm Record Totes

  1. I love forgotten items! Once I saw this, I realized I had one and could even remember the smell of decomposing vinyl that poisoned all 70s kids. I think it was a Disney theme. I’ll ask the subs.

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