The Culling TNG, part 2

Some record covers I scanned before I packed them off to Goodwill:


I’m fascinated by that portable record player – I’ve never seen one like it. It looks like it has a slot on the side to insert records. Unfortunately, it’s not going to last very long if those girls play their 45s that have been sitting in the sand.

Vespa covers:




Swank cowboy threads:





The Fernwood Trio were snappy dressers too. And get a load of that babe with the cone on her head.


A positively subdued outfit by Liberace standards.


This album by one of Liberace’s “protégés” didn’t sell at my garage sale and I put it back in the collection. Why on earth would I try to sell it in the first place? I don’t know what I was thinking.

3 thoughts on “The Culling TNG, part 2

  1. These are the ones you’re CULLING?!?! You’ll be sorry if you meet someone named Mary Ann and you don’t have that Judy Lynn album!! And Obviously the ‘cone’ the woman is wearing on the Fernwood Trio album is an exclusive poolside hat sold at THIS RESORT ONLY to match the water feature. I’m only surprised everybody’s not wearing one!

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