The Culling: 45 RPM

This is my first time sorting my 7″ 45 rpm records – I never got around to it during the first record cull a few years back. It’s not a large collection – only a few hunded after I culled this lot:


I didn’t try to impose too much order – most records I classified under the broad heading of “pop/rock” unless they clearly weren’t. I also created a few oddball categories that don’t exist in my album collection – “advertising/promotional” (which I’ll post about later), “Beatles tributes recorded in 1964”, “the worst Canadian singles of all time” and so on. Here are some oddities from my collection of 45s:


The Firm: Star Trekkin’ picture disc


The Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour


Two 7″ EPs in a gatefold sleeve with booklet – like a miniature version of the album.



It’s A Small World picture disc


Introduction To Manned Mercury Spaceflight

This opaque yellow plastic record came with Hasbro’s G.I. Joe astronaut and space capsule toy in 1966.  The flipside of the record is “actual Mercury spaceflight communications”.


Yma Sumac: Voice of the Xtabay


Four 7″ singles in box.


T. Rex: Jeepster b/w Life’s A Gas picture label

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