Record Covers of The Week: A. A. Allen

I bought four A.A. Allen records at Goodwill last week, not for their covers, but for something I’ll show you later.

A. A. Allen was an old-school tent preacher who cast out demons and made the lame walk. He died in 1970 after a heavy drinking binge.


That is one seriously enlarged heart.


I have a few albums of  tent preachers recorded in action and they’re all pretty awesome. On this one, Allen isn’t railing against Satan so much as boring church music.

Side two features some pretty awesome black gospel singing.

Here’s the back cover (click to enlarge):


Note the thumbnails of other A. A. Allen records. There’s a few I wouldn’t mind finding, especially this one:


The next two have really boring covers, and long, boring sermons (45 minutes per side because they’re at 16 rpm!)



I bought them anyway. Here’s why:




5 thoughts on “Record Covers of The Week: A. A. Allen

  1. The window is beautiful – I’m always on the lookout for an orange record for you. I can’t believe (ok, so I CAN) that you offered a clip of that rant against boring church music (who knew that;s why there are blind people) but not some of the world’s worst jokes!

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