A couple of months ago I complained about the new record shelves at Goodwill. Now look what Find did in their latest reorganization:


Hard to flip through, and I’m not even gonna bother bending down to the two bottom rows. What they had before was ideal – boxes on a tabletop. I chatted with an employee and she was well aware of the problem – I guess I’m not the only customer to¬†mention it. Hopefully they’ll do something soon. On the other hand, the corrugated cardboard signage is awesome.

One thought on “Shelved

  1. One of my favourite thrift stores has started using these shelves for their records. I always walk over to it and then after a minute of fighting to see whats there (they are way more FULL then the ones in your photo), I give up and wander away thinking, ‘theres probably nothing good here anyway’.
    That said, I would love it if they would sell the shelving unit to me as it would be great to store my collection on.

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