“Barber’s Concerto cannot fail to charm by its gracious lyrical plenitude and its complete absence of tawdry swank.” -Virgil Thompson (on Samuel Barber’s Violin Concerto, Op. 15)

This blog, on the other hand, revels in the charms of tawdry swank.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    not sure if I ought to post this here or on your old site, but,

    have you heard anything about the potential fate of the “Mon Oncle” house?

    Sale of the property is pending:


    This being Edmonton, what are the chances of it NOT being torn down and replaced with some sort of faux West Van-style thing along the lines of the newer houses built along Saskatchewan adjacent to Windsor Park?

    Congrats on the new website!


  2. Hello!

    I found your old blog via Canadian Talent Library searching (awesome post btw!) how is your quest to obtaining all the releases going?

    I’m sending this comment as a ping trying to track down a copy of “Laurie Bower Singers – Morning Has Broken” CTL 477-5161

    Figured it couldn’t hurt asking another Edmonton resident

    Thank You!

  3. Out of nowhere today, I discovered your old blog. Easter weekend, and I was able to enjoy Jesus Christ Superstar from the Action Singers. It took me back about 45 years to many nights spent setting up, performing, taking down, and having lunch in a Church basement throughout southern Saskatchewan. I haven’t seen most of those people for over 40 years. I lost my copy of that album in a fire. It was a completely unexpected pleasure to listen to that track today with moist eyes. Thanks!

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