Record Cover of the Week


Spilverk þjóðanna: Ísland

Folk-rock from Iceland, 1978. On green vinyl. I got it to replace the green record that turned black in my “vinyl rainbow” window.



A couple of months ago I complained about the new record shelves at Goodwill. Now look what Find did in their latest reorganization:


Hard to flip through, and I’m not even gonna bother bending down to the two bottom rows. What they had before was ideal – boxes on a tabletop. I chatted with an employee and she was well aware of the problem – I guess I’m not the only customer to mention it. Hopefully they’ll do something soon. On the other hand, the corrugated cardboard signage is awesome.

A Vinyl Rainbow

About a year and a half ago I hung some coloured vinyl in the window:



I wondered how they’d fare over time in a window that gets intense sunlight for part of the day. I knew they’d warp (I only used records I didn’t want to play any more), but I didn’t know if they’d fade.

Version 2


They’ve fared pretty well – except for this one:

I’m still looking for a translucent orange record to complete the rainbow.

Record Cover of the Week


Alfred Newman/Ken Darby: Ports of Paradise

It’s hard to find a copy of this record cover that isn’t wrecked because of the large die-cut hole in the thin cardboard sleeve, but this one was in perfect condition. The cutout reveals the cover of a lush 16 page booklet of Hawaiian tourist scenes.



The record is a promotional item for the Matson steamship line which used to offer passenger cruises from the U.S. mainland to south seas destinations including New Zealand, Tahiti and Hawaii.