Shameless Pandering

Of late, the most popular entry on my old blog has been a post featuring photos of 70s soul/r&b/disco family band The Sylvers, surpassing even perennial favourites Marianne Faithfull and How To Draw Horses. A few weeks ago the number of hits I was getting searching for The Sylvers or individual members Olympia, Leon, Charmaine, James, Edmund, Ricky, Angie, Pat and Foster spiked at several hundred a day – pretty remarkable for a blog that usually averages less than 100 hits a day from all sources.

When the numbers spike like that, it’s usually because something bad happened. For instance, every time there’s a major earthquake somewhere in the world, my post with the soundtrack from “Earthquake” takes off. So naturally I was apprehensive that one of the Sylvers had kicked the bucket. A quick visit to their Wikipedia page showed that all the Sylvers were still among us (except  for Edmund, who died in 2004), so I’m not sure what’s causing the surge in interest. If you came here looking for The Sylvers, maybe you can fill me in.

In any case, this new blog could use some traffic, and I’m not above pandering. So here are the images from that earlier post, but much larger (click to view full size).

The Sylvers: Showcase